Wan Wan Walkers Services

Dog Walking
In Home Pet Sitting
Other Services

$12 / 15 min walk

$15 / 30 min walk

$20 / 1 hr walk

Additional Dog +$10

5% off for weekly regulars

*$12 / Quick Stop

*$18 / 1 hr stay

*$60 / Overnight

5% off one week or longer

*$12 / Pet Taxi (within city limits)

$15 / Nail Trim

$20 / Bath

$12 / Administer Medication

*Price varies for multi-pet household

Dog Walking

All first-time dog walking clients are required to schedule a free 15-30 min meet and greet so that the walker can be introduced to your dog in a comfortable setting and determine if the walker and dog are a good match for each other.


Note: Wan Wan Walkers endorses loose leash walking and doesn't condone the use of choke or prong collars.


In Home

Pet Sitting

Wan Wan Walkers offers in-home pet sitting which is perfect for pets that don't like being confined in stuffy kennels or strange new environments. Have one of our pet sitters check in on your pet while you are away at work, give them the extra bit of love and attention they need throughout the day, or keep an eye on them while you are away.

While we watch your pets, we would be more than happy to do simple household chores such as taking in the mail, taking out the garbage, watering plants, etc. A Pet and House Sitter all in one! Send us a message through email or text asking us about our other services that we offer.

Dog Eating Dog Food


15-20 minute visits. Perfect for potty breaks, feedings, litter box cleanings, and more!




If your pet(s) needs a little more love and attention than the quick stops provide.


*$18 / hr

Sleeping Dogs


Pet Sitter will arrive at your house at night, sleepover, and leave in the morning.



*Rates vary depending on how long the stay is and how many pets you have.


***Please note that Pet Sitters will only complete tasks that can be done within the agreed-upon timeframe. Pet Sitters are not obligated to stay longer than the agreed-upon hours. Please keep this in mind and schedule adequate time for pet sitters to complete tasks. Wan Wan Walkers strives to complete tasks in a timely manner and will notify you if we need more time.


Other Services

Wan Wan Walkers provides a variety of other services. From administering medication to simple grooming.

We also offer simple house sitting services such as watering plants, taking in the mail, taking out the garbage, and more!

Talk to us about the other services we can provide for you and your pet.


Why Hire Us?

  • Wan Wan Walkers offers daily updates of your pet(s) upon request. This includes pictures and a brief description of how your pet(s) are doing.

  • Animal Care Handlers are Pet First Aid and CPR certified.

  • Animal handlers have years of experience working with Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits.

  • Wan Wan Walkers is insured and bonded through the Pet Sitters Association for you and your pet's protection and peace of mind

  • Wan Wan Walkers provides private one on one appointments with you and your pet(s).

  • Wan Wan Walkers at home services keep your pet safe, happy, and stress-free in an environment they are familiar with.

  • Wan Wan Walkers Animal Care Handlers are educated in companion animal behavior

  • Years of experience working with sick animals allows for Animal Care Handlers to recognize when something is wrong with your pet(s).

  • Wan Wan Walkers is a small locally owned business that cares about you and your pet(s).

  • Wan Wan Walkers is the most affordable reputable dog walking and pet sitting service in the area!

  • All Animal Care Handlers are open to feedback on how we can improve our services to help keep you and your pet happy.

  • LGBTQIA+ and Disability Friendly. Please let me know if you have anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD, a hearing impairment, etc. We know how hard it is to interact with strangers when you have a disability and would be more than happy to accommodate you. If that involves sending you extra reminders or restricting in-person interactions I would be glad to go the extra mile for you.